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A New Film by Victoria Bugbee


;Logline: ELSA, on the cusp of turning 18, is sent to live with her strange step-relatives, MARCIA GARTH and her 20 something sons, TAB and EMERY.  Tab is a gifted pianist and Marcia’s favorite. Emery, the Cinderella of the family, restores antiques to support the family.  They suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and are forbidden to leave the house.  Both Emery and Tab fall hard for Elsa. It’s “My Cousin Rachel” meets “The Royal Tenenbaums” dark with a sense of humor. The dramatic comedy is set in 1992 somewhere in The Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. Running Time:107 minutes      Language:English Country of Origin USA

The film stars Sarah Moliski, Caroline Winterson, James Nester, A Ryder Turner, Lynne Goldberg, Tess Warren, Matthew Brueckner, Dave Scheffler, Peter H. Bugbee and Paola Tawa.  

Screenplay: Victoria & Charles Bugbee, Producers: Victoria Bugbee & Cherie Fortis, Director of Photography: Ilya Shnitser, Editor: K.A.Miille, Assistant Editor & Post Production Supervisor: Matthew Brueckner, Composer & Sound Design: Joe Deihl, Color Grading: Chromavision, End Titles Eric Bugbee, Poster: Tom McKeveny Featuring songs by Emily King, Kim Kalesti, Amanda Ann Platt & The Honeycutters, John Mason, Carter McNeill, and Bachtopus . Theme song was composed by Deihl & Bugbee and is performed by Amie Becker Karscig.


NEW HOPE FILM FESTIVAL SATURDAY APRIL 13 NOON – 2PM New Hope Arts Center 2 Stockton Avenue 2nd FL New Hope PA 18939. Tickets & info I’ll be there with Cherie Fortis Co-Producer and some of the cast for a Q&A afterwards. Excited that the film is here since New Hope is a small artistic town on a canal aside of the Delaware River. In high school I performed in a play at The Bucks County Playhouse.❤️ @NewHopeFilmFestival

ALLENTOWN FILM FESTIVAL SUNDAY APRIL 14 1PM – 3PM. Theatre514 514 W 19th St. Allentown, PA Tickets & info A Q&A with me, Cherie Fortis & actor James Nester who plays Tab and hopefully a few others. James and I hail from The Lehigh Valley where Allentown is located and where the film takes place somewhere in the Valley. So I guess I’m a Valley girl. Thrilled that we are screening here. The director of the festival said it’s one of their favorites. ❤️@AllentownFilmFestival

INTERNATIONAL MOTION PICTURE FILM FESTIVAL SATURDAY APRIL 20 Time TBD at Smodcastle Cinemas 82 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716 Tickets & info [email protected]. The festival wrote the following: “Prepare for love, mystery and dark secrets in this 1 hour & 47 minutes of cinematic brilliance.” Our film is being shown with 2 shorts that are both very mysterious and thrilling.❤️@internationalmotionpicturefilmfestival


WE PACKED THE HOUSE AT @YOFIFEST – The Yonkers Film Festival. The Riverfront Theater seats 450 seats on a big screen located at 1 Larkin Center – Yonkers, NY 10701. It’s directly across from Metro North Train Station Yonkers Stop. Thie festival, in its 11th year, was fantastic screening 130 films from over 100 countries. Kudos go to ❤️ Patty Shumann and Dave Steck founders of the festival who pulled off a fantastic red carpet opening and after party. Thanks for choosing to screen the film so close to home since so many cast, post-production team, family, friends and cinema lovers could make the screening. Caroline Winterson who plays Marcia Garth said she will never forget when the whole audience gasp at one of her devilish antics.

I hosted an After Party and invited the whole audience to come to my house in nearby Hastings-on-Hudson. Fortunately about 50 people came and were thrilled to be on set where we filmed the entire movie. It was an audience immersive experience. I loved hearing the comments “Look, there’s the grandfather’s clock and the old piano.” and “Oh My God, there are all the pots and pans hanging up just like in the film.” My brother Peter Bugbee who plays The Chauffeur drove some of the guests who came in on the train from New York City to the party. Kim Kalesti, one of singer songwriters whose song is in the film and Lynne Pidel who was in my play “Surreal Soap Opera” said it was a unique experience that they will never forget.

Thrilled that “Out of State-A Gothic Romance” is winning awards and accolades

Winner: Sofia World Film Festival Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Score, Sofia Bulgaria

Winner: Paris Film Awards Best Feature Film, Best Feature Film, Gold Awards for Director (Victoria Bugbee), Producers (Victoria Bugbee & Cherie Fortis), Screenplay (Victoria Bugbee & Charles Bugbee) Actor (James Nester) Original Song (Joe Deihl & Victoria Bugbee) Silver Awards Original Score (Joe Deihl) Sound Design (Joe Deihl) Editing (K.A.Miille)

Winner: Moonwhite Film International Film Festival in Mumbai, India. Best Actress (Sarah Moliski) Best Supporting Actress (Caroline Winterson) Best Actor (Avery Ryder Turner) Best Background Music (Joe Deihl)

Winner: Hong Kong Indie Film Festival Best Script (Victoria & Charles Bugbee) Best Cinematography (Ilya Shnitser) Best Editing (K.A. Miille) Best Actress (Sarah Moliski) Best Actor (James Nester)

Winner: Frida Film Festival Paris, France Best Narrative Feature, Best Original Screenplay, Best Dramatic Comedy, Best Cast, Best Production Company

Winner: The Elliott Erwitt Award Paris, France

Winner: Hong Kong Indie Film Festival Best Script in a Feature Film (Victoria & Charles Bugbee), Best Cinematographer (Ilya Shnitser), Best Editing (K.A.Miille), Best Actor (James Nester), BestActress (Sarah Moliski)

Winner: World International Film Festival Best Drama, Best Director, Best Acting Ensemble Abruzzo, Italy.

Winner European Cinematography Award.Best Feature Film (USA February 2023) Our film will then go into competition for the Golden Eagle Award sponsored by Pathe Films held in Amersterdam in 2024. (This was our first award and very dear to my heart)

Winner: New York Movie Awards Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay (Victoria & Charles Bugbee), Best Director, Best Producers (Bugbee & Cherie Fortis) Best Cinematography (Ilya Shnitser) Best Actor (James Nester) Best Actress (Sarah Moliski) Best Original Song (Go Back – Emily King) Gold Award Best Original Score (Joe Deihl) Silver Award Best Sound Design (Joe Deihl)

Winner. Vancouver Independent Film Festival, Best First Feature Film Vancouver, Canada

Winner: New Cinema Festival Ibiza Film Production Festival 2024,Best Dramatic Comedy, Best Romance, Best American Director, Ibiza, Spain

Winner: Grand Prix of Italy in Venice Best Dramatic Comedy, Best International Romance, Best American Narrative Feature and Best Original Filmmaker

Winner: YOFIFest – Yonkers Film Festival Audience Choice Award Narrative Feature

Finalist Best Feature Film Buffalo Roots Film Festival in Rome, Italy.

Finalist Best Romance RED Movie Awards in Reims, France. (2024)

Semi-Finalist Best Feature Film Dumbo Film Festival Brooklyn NY

Semi-Finalist Best Feature Film Cannes Continental Film Festival Cannes France

Nominee Best Feature Film Berlin Art Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

Official Selection 9th Music Film Festival Buenos Aires, Argentina

Official Selection Montreal Independent Film Festival 2023

Official Selection 8 & Halfilm Awards Festival Rome, Italy

Official Selection YoFiFest – Yonkers Film Festival 11, New York

Official Selection Portuguese Lemur Film Festival

Official Selection Red Fox International Film Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia

Story and Screenplay

The story and screenplay were written by award winning playwright Victoria Bugbee and her distant cousin, the late Charles Bugbee.  In 1993 Charlie’s first film “Just Off The Coast” premiered at San Sebastian Film Festival.  Vicky had just finished writing, directing and producing “A Surreal Soap Opera” at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Both were on fire creatively and the cousins joined talents to write “Out of State-A Gothic Romance.”

“Shortly after completing the screenplay,” said Bugbee,  “Charlie was taken ill and passed away.  Before he died I promised him I make our film. Many years later, with permission of Charlie’s family, we are making the film in his honor. This is For Charlie!”

Victoria Bugbee Writer, Director, Producer of ‘Out of State:A Gothic Romance.”

Cherie Fortis (Paul Simon Graceland:The African Concert, Twilight:Los Angeles) Produced the film with Bugbee. Ilya Shnitser was Director of Photography. The indie stars Sarah Moliski as Elsa, Caroline Winterson as Marcia Garth, James Nester (Heroes of Dirt – The BMX Movie)  as Tab Garth,    A Ryder Turner as Emery Garth, Tess Warren as Becky, Matthew Brueckner as Roy, Lynne Goldberg as Ms. Heller,  Dave Scheffler as The Baker, Peter H Bugbee as The Chauffeur, Paola Tawa as Mrs. Thurmond.  Nick Tarricone, Deanna Gondek and Lyhia Cordoba, and Oden Tawa Diaz appear as recital guests.

Casting The Film

“I’m constantly asked how I cast the film, mentions Bugbee.  “I turned to professional actors that I worked with and novices. I ran into Sarah Moliski on a beauty commercial to test the Sony F55 camera that B Productions and Daniel Marracino (Heart Of The Bear) produced and directed.  With her green eyes and mane of chestnut hair she looked the part of our heroine ELSA. I was thrilled when she told me she was studying acting and would love to read for the part. Daniel came up to Hastings-on-Hudson and we did a screen test of Sarah. She lived up to every expectation I had for our young heroine. We use a few clips of the screen test in the film.”

James Nester was in my nephew Eric Bugbee’s film “Heroes of Dirt – The BMX Movie.”  He played a deranged drug dealer.  At the premiere of the indie movie, he looked like an angel in his black tux.  Like TAB, he played piano and was signed. We shot test scenes with Caroline Winterson and him one cold day. As the matriarch and her adored son, they had the right chemistry. James said that he wanted to bring humor to his very strange character. His mobile facial expressions and stilted mannerisms remind me of the great silent screen comedians. One of my favorite scenes is Tab taking a bubble bath.

Caroline Winterson and I knew each other from our kids’ school.  She was The Narrator in my play “The Gas Station Project.,” that we staged in Overseas Auto Body Shop.  Her velvet voice, her work as an award winning book orator and her presence matched the character of MARCIA. In tests, she and James were terrific together and on set worked well together to make their characters very human. These scenes of the duo were lensed by Ilya Shnitser who went on to shoot 100 scenes during the 21 days of our big summer shoot.”

I’ve known A Ryder Turner since he was 5. He is now a professional dancer.  Cherie Fortis, who is co-producer of Out of State, recommended her son Ryder for the role of EMERY.  He came by the house to test with Sarah when the magnolia tree was in bloom. This was lensed by Blair Johnson. Again, he stopped by one cold spring day and this allowed me, Ilya and the actor to work together on the character tackling his outdoor chores. The magnolias and a snippet of Sarah & Ryder appear in the final cut.

Ryder embodied the quietness that is in stark contrast to James Nester’s over the top TAB. I had a bale of hay for upcoming gardening. Ryder broke it open and with a huge antique pitch fork threw it around the garden. It was hypnotic how the warmth of the interior of the hay created fog when it hit the cold air. We also captured him working on a broken antique chair in his workshop/garden house. I lined the walls of the shed with old garden tools and dressed him in a distressed leather bomber’s jacket and vintage leather football helmet. It’s a weird look but it signifies the character’s need to shield himself from the psychological insults that his mother and brother lob at him.

Lynne Goldberg plays the antique dealer MS. HELLER. Lynne starred in my play ‘A Surreal Soap Opera – Toxic Waste Meets Beach Resort’ at Lincoln Center.  A stage and television actress, she is a powerhouse with the most amazing blue eyes that are almost unearthly. She had done a lot of improv and surprised us all when she stole one of Marcia’s prize possessions in the recital scene. Great move Lynne,

I had seen Tess Warren act in a number of plays in high school.  The part of BECKY, Elsa’s best friend went to her who by the way was my Production Assistant and my daughter.  Matthew Brueckner, Tess’s boyfriend, plays ROY the high school photographer.  He had worked on a number of films both in front of the camera and as crew in college. Matt offered a deadpan interpretation of his character. He is an Assistant Editor on national reality shows as well as Out of State’s Assistant Editor & Post Production Supervisor.

When looking for someone to play THE BAKER I needed an actor who grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  James Nester recommended Dave Scheffler whom he had worked with in regional theater.  Dave arrived with Sho-Fly Pies and nailed the part.

My brother Pete H. Bugbee offered to assistant on the shoot and had a great town car. So we enlisted his services as Elsa’s personal driver.  Friends, Paola Tawa, Lyhia, Baby Oden, Deanna Gondek and Nick Tarricone were recruited for the recital scene.

Thank you all for realizing Charlie’s and my vision.  You are the coolest cast ever.

Caroline Winterson as Marcia Garth the matriarch of the family of shut-ins.

Sarah Moliski stars as Elsa the Garth’s step-niece who is sent to live with them

James Nester plays Tab Garth a gifted pianist Marcia’s gifted and spoiled son

A. Ryder Turner as Emery Garth, The Cinderella of the fami

Lynne Goldberg is Ms.Heller, the pushy New York antique dealer, who confronts Marcia before Tab’s piano recital.

Matthew Brueckner is Roy, the high school photographer, and Becky Miller’s boyfriend

Tess Warren is Becky Miller Elsa’s good friend and Roy’s girlfriend.

WTearrs Becky Miller, Elsa’s school friend and confid

Dave Scheffler is The Pennsylvania Dutch Baker selling Shoofly Pies and Butter Buns. Dave is from The Lehigh Valley and brought the best Shoofly Pies to our shoot.

My brother Peter H. Bugbee offered to help one day. So we enlisted him to play The Chauffer and he had the perfect car. – a Chrysler 300. Love his costume that he put together. Thanks Pete.

Ilya Shnitser Director of Photography shot “Out of State A Gothic Romance” with a Canon C300 Mark II cinema camera with Zeiss Lenses.  Both Shnitser and Bugbee have visual arts background and the film is very painterly with lush color and light.  Bugbee chose to shoot the film in her old Victorian home in Hastings-OnHudson, NY (“Girl on The Train,” “The Leftovers,” “Girls”).  Since it was summertime, natural light streamed through the oversize windows and practicals were used for some of the scenes.  Occasionally one Arri light was used to augment the scene.  All outdoor scenes used natural lighting.

“Cinematographers are poets of light,” remarks Bugbee who wrote for American Cinematographer, Backstage, Millimeter & Sequence magazines.  “Ilya shoots in a very painterly fashion.  For some of the scenes, I’d say to him, ‘Now you are giving me a Monet painting. Or you nailed a Renoir pastel on that one.’ ” Victoria Bugbee, Writer, Director, Producer

“Vicky and I established a rapport when we worked together shooting sizzle reels and fashion videos at B Productions,” comments Shnitser. “I liked the story & script and knew it was a passion project that Vicky had worked on for a long time. It was very low budget but it was one location-Vicky & George’s house-with everything already set up so we were able to use natural lighting or practicals. I had a Canon C300 that I love because the people who engineered the camera thought like artists – the colors are warm and natural, perfect for this film. Zeiss primes are beautiful. We were able to move fast and set up shots depending on where light from outside fell. Outside we were plagued with mosquitos and the local siren to call volunteer first responder as well as light issues.

Ilya Shnitser, Cinematographer “Out of State- A Gothic Romance”

The house is a perfect setting for a gothic romance and becomes one of the main characters of the film. It is filled with family heirlooms like the grandfather’s clock made in 1823 by Bugbee’s ancestor Issac Groetz, a clockmaker from Easton, PA.  The piano, a pivotal element in the movie, belonged to Blanche Thomas, Bugbee’s great grandmother’s. The director and cinematographer spent days filming portraits of objects in the house and garden that reenforces the psychological entrapment of the Garths who are bound by their domicile. Both sons suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.  A few scenes had been shot over two winters with some test footage incorporated into the final while the bulk of production was shot in 21 days one summer.


The story takes place over six months from the end of December until June.  It was a long hot summer with many days over 90 degrees.  Between mosquitos and the heat the actors wore winter clothes a few too many days.   Costume Designer Kim Druce Sava (“Kids,” “The Sopranos,” “A League of Their Own”) and Bugbee assembled over 50 costumes and looks. The actors dressed themselves and Sarah and Caroline did their own hair and makeup.

“We opted for a hairpiece to hide some of Sarah’s now blonde tresses to match earlier scenes with her dark mane” says Bugbee. “The actress & I called the hairpiece ‘Renee.’ At one point I looked over at the scene we were about to shoot and Sarah hadn’t attached her long ponytail. I yelled ‘Where is Renee?’ The other actors and crew asked ‘Who is Renee?’ Good to have a few laughs on a film set.”


Caroline Winterson suggested that her character MARCIA GARTH dress in purple – a symbol of royalty and power.

Marcia Garth in her favorite color purple trying hard to be nice to her step-niece

Sarah Moliski’s character ELSA lovingly raided her deceased mother’s closet and her wardrobe is a romantic nostalgic collection.  She pairs clothes from the 60’s and 70’s with her signature hair that echoes 60’s icon Julie Christie.  Her colors are pinks, orange and earth tones with a few Betsey Johnson girlie items to kick it up.  The looks accentuate her luminous green eyes, olive skin and dark brown mane.

Sarah Moliski wearing Betsey Johnson jewelry & Mary McFadden dress

James Nester’s TAB is a dandy and always dressed to impress his piano students and later Elsa.  His signature look is button down shirt, tie, maybe a vest and generally a suit coat.  Tab prefers to take bubble baths when he is not primping in the mirror or donning elegant clothes.

James Nester in his tux ready to perform Tab’s original composition “Elsa’s Sonata” that he wrote for his star pupil, ELSA

Avery Ryder Turner plays EMERY with quiet presences.  As the Cinderella of the family he accepts his place as the laborer and dresses in simple work shirts, pants and boots.  Marcia continually disparages and belittles him.  Towards the end of the film, Emery explodes and unleashes years of pent up anger at his jail matron.

EMERY (AR Turner) and ELSA (Sarah Moliski) in Woodwork Shop

“Since all the other characters’ costumes took over the bedroom set aside for wardrobe,” mentions Bugbee,  “Emery’s clothes were thrown in a box in the kitchen.  

Ryder Turner who plays Emery surmised that is was fitting for his character to have his few things shoved downstair in the kitchen. ‘I guess it was one way to get an actor into character.'”

A.Ryder Turner, Actor

Post Production

 K.A. Miille, Editor cut “Out of State-A Gothic Romance” in AVID.  Miille edited “Marian Anderson: In Her Own Words” for American Masters, the first episode of Ken Burns “Mohammed Ali, “I Promise” for Mark Levine and LeBron James, and the feature “Premium” with Zoe Saldana.

“The film was edited during COVID and we had to work remotely,” comments the director. Fortunately, I had worked with Kim at B Productions and she edited sizzle reels that I had produced for New York Fashion Week and leading fashion designers. We loved working together and she was able to make sense of all our footage.”

Assistant Editor Matthew Brueckner assembled a timeline in AVID for K.A. Miille. He was Post Production Supervisor and had a part in the film as ROY the student photographer.

Music & Sound Design

Bugbee’s long time music collaborator Composer & Sound Designer  Joe Deihl  (“Blue Like Jazz,” “Maiden Voyage,” “Yellowstone,” “The Walking Dead”) created a lyrical soundtrack. Besides playing all the classical piano music featured in the film he handled Sound Design and Audio Mix.

“Joe and I worked together on a musical ‘Life & Death With Business In Between’ with book and lyrics that I penned. We also wrote the theme song for my play ‘A Surreal Soap Opera-Toxic Waste Meets Beach Resort.’ He is an amazing composer, Julliard trained, and his mastery of a wide range of music astounds me. This is great for cinematic soundscapes. Classical, Dreamy Choirs, Motown, Soul, Reggae, you name it, his musicality is endless.”

Victoria Bugbee

Joe’s sound design and music highlight the psychological tense between the characters and brings out elements of humor. For the scene where Emery polishes Elsa’s boots, he suggested ASMR to enhance ELSA and EMERY’s buddy romance, It also helped the dialogue since the voices were muffled.

Rounding out the soundtrack are musicians including Grammy nominated Emily King, Kim Kalesti, Amanda Platt and the HoneyCutters, John Mason, Carter McNeill and Bachtopus (four accordionists who play Bach).  Amie Becker Karscig is the singer on the theme song “Out of State” penned by Deihl & Bugbee.

We’ll see you at the film festivals in 2023 and 2024.

For more information contact:

Victoria Bugbee Productions   [email protected]

Victoria Bugbee Writer Director Producer Photo: Chris Vernale
Marcia (Caroline Winterson) and Tab(James Nester) in the Greensleeves scene
#SetLife Sarah Moliski as Elsa is driven out of state to her step-relatives home #OutOfStateAGothicRomance
EMERY (AR Turner) and ELSA (Sarah Moliski) in Woodwork Shop



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